COMING SOON - Be a Member of Bursts of Brilliance™

What’s missing from our creative lives today? A safe, civil place to discuss our art and ideas without fear of instant judgment. Nothing stifles creativity faster and more effectively than critics (the inner and outer kind). Our ideas need a nurturing place to set down roots before they can start to grow.

  • What if you could feel encouraged and empowered to think outside the box and uncover new solutions to problems –from the everyday challenges of work and family to the larger issues facing your global and local communities?
  • What if you could find the time and the courage to create your art and believe it matters?
  • What if you could learn to trust your inner guidance and intuition rather than the opinions of others?

Soon you will be able to by joining a community of like-minded creatives working in all fields and situations. Busy people who want quick, easy, enjoyable ways to spark their creativity every week and connect with other enlightened souls.

We promise to keep things simple, because you don’t need another formula to follow or daily exercise to add or weekly routine to fit in. You’re too busy and distracted and tired for that. And everyone knows the best bursts of brilliance come when we’re showering or driving or walking the dog anyway.

Check back soon for information about how to join our community and get access to fun activities and inspiring information to ignite your own daily Bursts of Brilliance.