Ideas Are for the Taking

Three years I’ve been waiting . . . waiting to have the right vehicles and platforms in place to launch my Great Idea Giveaway, a new video project in which I will be sharing my best ideas for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and community catalysts. The videos live on my You Tube Channel, where people can also comment, but I will occasionally post some of them here. These are not just creative brainstorms, they are business ideas with models and revenue streams attached. Some are based on projects I’ve personally run with success. Others are awesome–sometimes game-changing–concepts that I would love to build, but I lack the time, the resources, the skills, or the passion to do them effectively.  So they are yours. Take them!

Nearly all of my colleagues tried to talk me out of this. They told me I was crazy to give away my best ideas, but I think it’s crazy to sit on them.

“But you could make so much money off of these ideas,” my friends said.  Not if I never do them.

“What happens when you run out of these ideas?”  I’ll think up some more.

We have to move past the fear that we are only capable of one brilliant idea in our lifetimes. We have to stop living under the pressure that we, alone, are capable of acting on all our plans. And we have to believe that ideas and creativity are boundless. Only then can we do our best, most unfettered, most impassioned work. Only then can we affect real change in the world.

So, if you’re interested, watch my video here on my successful school kit program. See if you can improve it and take it further than I did.  See if this video sparks new ideas that will enable you to start your own business or nonprofit or launch a program that will benefit your community. And if you like this or any of my videos, share the link widely and often so the ideas can spread.

Oh, and if you do create a multi-million-dollar company from any of my ideas, could you maybe shoot a few bucks and a thank you my way?