Art and Gratitude

This year, it’s really simple: I’m grateful for all the art in my life. The art I produce, the art you produce, the art we love, and the art that challenges us. The art that spurs conversation and the art that settles the soul. The art that comes from our hands and our voices, but especially from our hearts.


I’m grateful for sappy old country songs that still make me cry.


And Broadway musicals that make me feel like a better person when I leave the theater.


I’m grateful for the beautiful paintings and photographs I bought in Ireland.


And my children’s school drawings that still line our stairway though my kids are grown.


I’m grateful for Netflix comedy specials that make me laugh so hard tears come to my eyes.


And Masterpiece shows on PBS that dazzle me with their gorgeous scenery and strong acting.


I’m grateful for the artist who created the glass jewelry I’m wearing today.


And the novel that kept me up until 1:00 last night because the story was that good.


I’m grateful for the Mary Oliver poem my friend read aloud yesterday.


And the most excellent sweet potato frittata my husband made for the potluck.


I’m grateful for the movies that take me away from thoughts and worries for a couple of hours.


And the holiday lights on houses that make just driving down the street a pleasure.


I’m grateful most of all for the people I get to enjoy art with, my family, friends, colleagues, and especially you, dear readers. Art is best when shared. Always. Thank you for taking this creative journey with me.


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