Art Giveaways for Newsletters Video – Great Ideas Series

I carry business cards for my favorite service providers in my purse. That way if I’m singing the praises of a good plumber or massage therapist or book editor, I can send you away with contact information rather than expecting you to remember the name.  I get nothing for this. I just like connecting good people with good services.

In the arts, as well as in business, we can so easily help promote each other.  In my newest video in my Great Ideas Giveaway series, I share an idea for how business owners can feature or give away the work of local artists through their newsletters and customer communications. It’s such a simple idea that has such great potential! Not only does it bring attention to local artists, it also creates goodwill between business owners and their customers.

As always, in this short video, I walk you through the steps for how to run this idea and how to maximize impact and increase revenue for both the artist and the business owner.  If you like the video, please feel free to share it widely. You will also soon be able to download a PDF from my website walking you through the steps for setting up this easy program.  All I ask is that you credit Teresa Funke & Company with the idea if you share it.  Click below to watch the video. To see other videos in this series, visit my YouTube Channel – Teresa Funke.  Enjoy!