Matchup: Mind Vs. Heart (Revisited)

This post originally ran April 30, 2022

I raised my kids to follow their hearts; to trust their intuition. I truly believe our gut responses are often the best. So why is it so hard sometimes to just “go with the gut”? Why do our minds feel the need to try to override our intuition?

So many times, I get an immediate hit about the right direction to take. Then my overprotective, overcautious, overly critical mind has to have its say. It presents alternatives to my decision, it cautions me I might be making a mistake, it reminds me that people might not understand or approve, or that I might be judged and found wanting.

Well-intentioned though it may be, when my mind is convinced it’s right, it is downright forceful in its insistence that I listen to it and not my heart, which it sees as weak or flighty or unrealistically optimistic.

If I continue to come back to the wisdom of my gut, my mind shoots its most deadly arrows; guilt trips, manipulations, and self-criticism.

In the end, it breaks down and pleads for me to listen. “No good will come of this,” it says. “You’ll be sorry. Please do as I say.”

And all the while, my heart is still. It’s calm and relaxed. It invites me into the center of peace. It tickles me with promises of joy. It doesn’t pressure or judge. It just says, “Follow me and I’ll take care of you. But if you don’t, I’ll love you anyway.”

Far too often, I’ve listened to my mind. I’ve grown weary, though, lately of always being “in my head.” Today, I’m following my heart. Sorry, mind. You lost this round. Deal with it!

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