Technology Snafus of a Cosmic Nature

My friend would tell me that I should have known better than to launch my brand new blog while Mercury is in retrograde. During that time, according to her, plans can go awry and technology can fail, as it did for me. Less than a day after launching the blog, my website’s server crashed. My host worked furiously to bring the site back up, but in the process certain features of the blog appear to have been jumbled. You won’t find a “subscribe” button here, for example, or a sign-up for the RSS feed. Yet. We hope to have them back up in a day or two.

I won’t say I didn’t cuss (and loudly) when this happened, but sometimes, when it seems the Universe is picking on us, it’s actually a good thing. These snafus can teach us patience. They give us a sense of the bigger picture, and a lesson in humility. While my blog launch seemed monumental to me, it would have registered barely a blip on the radar of the internet world even if everything had gone perfectly.  And that’s just a fact.

We creatives love our projects, we believe in them, we send them off with all our highest hopes attached, then we hold our breath and pray for miracles.  But that’s not reality. Reality is one step forward and two steps back. Reality is websites crashing and links not working and people misspelling our names and constant, crazy chaos. But all those mishaps also remind us how much we really care about our projects. Because when something truly matters, no amount of problems will ever hold us back.