The Power of Art

“Black Lives Matter” may just be one of the most powerful political slogans of our time. And it all started with a Facebook post. According to an article I read, Alicia Garza was upset when George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin.  She wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook that contained the words, “black lives matter.”  A friend read it and put a hashtag in front of the phrase, and a movement was born.

It’s like I tell the school children to whom I speak, “Your voice has power, but only if you choose to use it.” And your art has power, but only if you choose to put it out there in the world!  Be generous and prolific with your passion. When the spirit moves you, don’t hold back. Don’t always wait for the right moment or the right medium or the right channel or the right opportunity.

We can spend all our time looking for the Yellow Brick Road or we can put our creativity out there day in and day out, in whatever way presents itself, and the results may surprise us. A single editorial about Santa Claus, for example, is still beloved one hundred years later. A Kilroy doodle from the WWII era has become a graffiti icon known worldwide. An eye-catching poster helped land a man in the White House.

Sometimes the results are not so profound, yet still impactful. A while back, my physical therapist was writing a book for her clients. I shared a story that she wound up using. It was a very personal story and emotional to reveal, and I had nothing to gain from telling it other than helping my friend and speaking my truth. I wonder now how many people have read that segment and whether it has helped them heal.

I may never know the answer to that question, because we can’t always see the threads that tie us all together. But they are there. And they are strong. And they move mountains.


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