What If?

What If? My two favorite words. They’ve spawned every creation since the dawn of time.

The poet asks “what if?” before he puts his pen to paper; the politician asks “what if?” when she’s proposing a new bill; the humanitarian asks “what if?” when he’s imagining a better world; the scientist asks “what if?” when she’s tried everything else.

“What If” gets us unstuck. It pushes us forward. What if you were to quit that job you hate and take the one you want? What if you committed to that person you love? What if you stopped waiting for the perfect time and had that baby now?

“What If” leads to breakthroughs and paradigm shifts and whole new philosophies. It brings people together, “What if we could find a way to compromise? What if you tried this and I tried that?”

“What If” challenges old beliefs. What if the world is not flat? What if slavery is not sanctioned by the bible? What if women really did have the right to vote?

“What If” fires artistic expression. What if I painted my poppies green? or What if I wrote a short story using only dialogue?

And “What If” doesn’t need to be taught. Even babies get it. What if I put this teddy bear in the snow to turn him white?

“What If” is what this world needs now. We need people to stand up and say, “It’s only ‘the way it is’ until we decide to change it.”

And what if that person were you? Fill yourself with “What If” and see what happens.

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