Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

It occurred to me the other day:

  • If I’d been more focused all these years, I could have written 20 books, not just 8.
  • If I’d been more organized, I might not have let so many potential prospects slip away.
  • If I’d been more structured, I might have launched more of those great ideas I’ve had.
  • If I’d been more diligent, I might have earned more money.
  • If I’d kept my nose to the grindstone more, I might have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.


  • If I hadn’t focused so much on my family, I might not have been able to write such believable characters.
  • If I hadn’t taken time for all those coffees and lunches, I might not have met all the great partners, colleagues, and friends I have now.
  • If I hadn’t leapt from one idea to another, I might never have come up with all the unique products, programs, and services I’ve created.
  • If I hadn’t been so diligent about my daily exercise, I might have ruined my health and body.
  • If I hadn’t traveled and played and read books and helped with charities and listened and shared and observed and meditated, I might never have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Guess it’s a good thing I did it my way. And you?

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