If I Had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars:

I’d pay for ads for my books to appear on the side of every bus in five major cities.

I’d hire a really good publicist at the going rate of $3,000 per month and have them promote the heck out of my books, blog, and speaking.

I’d pay for endcaps for my books in every independent bookstore that would carry them.

I’d donate library sets of my children’s books to every elementary school in the country.

I’d hire out all my marketing and spend my days just living the writing life.

But I don’t have a million dollars, so I guess I’ll keep doing all those inexpensive things every working artist does in the hopes that you’ll discover and buy my art.

I’ll keep up an active social media presence.

I’ll fight with the templates every month to produce a good newsletter.

I’ll speak for free at writer’s conferences and events to share my knowledge and attract coaching clients.

I’ll do radio and TV spots in the hopes that you will “see me everywhere.”

I’ll keep a box of books in my car in case I run into someone who might want one.

It’s hard not to envy people with big budgets who can pay to get past the “noise,” but for most of us, it’s about striving day in and day out to make connections with people who just might want or need the work we produce. And that might happen in a grocery store line or a doctor’s office or through an unexpected e-mail. And when it does, it’s magic! I wouldn’t trade that for an impersonal TV spot on the Today Show. Well, okay, maybe I would. In the meantime, though, I’ll see you in the book signing line, and I’ll be happy to shake your hand.

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