It’s All About Me

That’s what I tell my husband and my kids when I’m feeling excited about something. Does that sound selfish? Maybe arrogant? Well, it’s true. When it comes to my art, it is all about me, because only I can bring my particular art and vision and message into the world. Only I can choose when and how to create. Only I can decide which pieces to finish and which to set aside.

To truly own this expression – it’s all about me – you can’t come at it from a place of ego. It’s not about garnering praise or accolades. It’s not about proving yourself worthy. It’s not about striving for acceptance or a place at the “cool kids” table. If it’s truly going to be about you, it has to come from a place of purpose and a desire to bring something of value into the world. It’s about tapping into the creative energy that flows through all of us, and has since the beginning of time. It has to come from a place of faith and trust that our art is bigger than we are. It’s not about whether your book sells a million copies, it’s about whether it changes one person’s life, even if that person is you. It’s not about whether you become the next American Idol, it’s about whether you had the guts to try out in the first place. Sometimes, it’s not even about the art itself. It’s about what we learn about ourselves as we create it. In the end, the person we become, the life we lead, is our greatest work of art.

We tell our children they are unique and special. That there is no one else out there exactly like them. If it is true for the child, why is it not true for the adult? At what point do we stop believing we are special? At what point does that knowledge equate arrogance or self-centeredness? It’s just a fact. Only you can create your art. It comes from your talent, your skills, your drive, your passion, your experience, your unique outlook. And whether it turns out to be brilliant or mediocre, it’s still all yours.

So what is keeping you from your art? Is it time constraints, family obligations, financial worries, fear of failure, fear of success? Whatever it is, stand your ground. Tell your kids, your spouse, your mother, your friends, “I’m sorry, but today, it’s all about me.”  Say those exact words. Out loud. Own it. Then show us what you’ve got.