Daily Deals for Artists – Great Ideas Giveaway

I’ve recently posted a new video in my Great Ideas Giveaway series of business ideas for artists and entrepreneurs. You can view it by clicking on the link below or visiting my YouTube channel, Teresa Funke. This video idea is for a daily deals site that would allow buyers all over the country to purchase that day’s featured art at a reduced price. Cool idea, huh? Please, won’t somebody launch this thing? You can put me down as the first name on your e-mail list! And you’ll find a transcript of the video here to help you get it going.

Speaking of my ideas giveaway, I finally took my own advice and started giving away art via my monthly newsletter. Each month, I’ll give away a book (not one of mine), CD, DVD, painting, piece of jewelry, tickets to a local show, etc. I’ll be supporting artists (as I plan to buy every piece) and helping bring exposure to their work. You’ve probably figured out by now that I think cross-promotion and artists supporting artists is key to advancing all of our careers. And this is a fun way to do just that! Click here to add your name to my newsletter list so you can sign up to win free art. Congrats to Deborah, who won the October giveaway for a free copy of Let the Great World Spin, this year’s Fort Collins Reads book selection.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!