How to Handle Rejection – Video

Happy to share my newest writing video here, which also runs on my YouTube channel, Teresa Funke. It’s on every artists’ favorite topic—rejection. If you’re involved in the arts, you know that sinking feeling when you open your inbox or mailbox and see the communication you’ve been dreading. You also know the butterflies you get when you recognize the name of that editor or agent or producer or director on your Caller ID and answer with high hopes, only to be told you weren’t chosen. But if you’re a dedicated artist, you also understand that rejection is part of the game we all play. As many times as we succeed, we will fail.

In this video, I share my favorite tips on how to deal with rejection, from learning to make light of it to seeking solace from trusted peers to relishing those “good” rejections. Mostly, though, I talk about one of my mottos: Rejection is Progress. Any good salesman will tell you he sometimes has to make one hundred calls before someone buys. For every rejection we acquire, we are one step closer to an acceptance, but only if we never give up.

Watch the video by clicking below!