The Answer is Always Now

Should I start that book I’ve been wanting to write now, or wait till after my sister’s wedding? Should I take that watercolor class now or wait until I have a bit more money? Should I go to that play I’ve been dying to see tonight, or wait to see if I can find someone to go with me?

We ask ourselves these questions all the time, but it’s easy . . . the answer is always now.

If your art is calling to you, it’s doing so for a reason. You are feeling a pull toward something for which your soul is yearning. But our souls are much quieter than our minds. Our minds are loud-mouthed bullies. They are quick to remind us that they are in charge, that they know best. They can beat down our souls anytime they choose. They’ve been building those muscles our entire lives.

But before our minds took over, our souls were stronger. They were our best friends and most trusted advisors. When we were children, we followed the longings of our hearts, not the dictates of our minds. A toddler doesn’t ask if now is the time to stop and blow the seeds off a dandelion, she just does it.

I know what you’re thinking . . . not that old platitude again. Return to the heart of a child. Heard it. But life is more complicated than that.

It certainly is, but rarely as complicated as we make it. Our souls aren’t afraid to venture out on our own, our minds are. Our souls don’t worry about money, our minds do. Our souls don’t ask if something else is more important, that’s our minds talking.

You go for a jog even if you don’t want to. You learn a new skill to push your thinking. You spend a lot of time building the muscles in your mind and body. Why not spend a little time building the muscles of your soul? You might be surprised how much good a strong soul can do for you. And you don’t have to wait. Do it now!