A New Way to Look at Time

I’ve got a treat for you! At least, I hope you see it that way. I’ve decided to do something a bit unusual (and possibly unique) for a blogger. I’ll be taking some of the posts you have identified as your favorites and turning them into videos. I hope that by seeing me and hearing these blogs out loud, the messages will resonate even stronger than just reading them on the screen. I’m hoping you will return to these videos any time you need a creative boost. And I’m hoping you will share them with friends or relatives who are struggling to reconnect with the things that matter in their lives.

Moving forward, you will find these videos on my YouTube channel, alongside my writing and “Great Ideas Giveaway” videos. They will be on a playlist titled, like this blog, “Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life.” Watch for them there.

And thank you, as always, for reading this blog and for noting your favorite posts. This project is all about passion for me, exploring my own, and, hopefully, helping wake you up to yours. To watch this first short video, which is called, “It’s About Time Finding You,” click here.  You’ll learn the secret to finally finding time for the things you love.


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