It Comes Down to What Makes You Happy

The more I study and learn about how we can access our Higher Selves, the clearer it becomes our purpose in life is to seek happiness. Why? Because when we’re happy, we raise the vibrations in our own lives and in the world. When we’re content and at peace, we’re most likely to hear our inner and divine guidance. And when we’re having fun, our energy levels increase to provide us the stimulus we need to create and imagine.

This is a realization that has not come easy to me. I was raised to believe happiness exists in special moments only, and the rest of life is hard work and toil and challenge. I was taught you could have a few things that made you happy, but you couldn’t hope for more than that. I was instructed to look sideways at people who seemed mostly happy, because they were clearly kidding themselves.

The old me would have read this line by Sonia Choquette, “the best thing you can do for others, for yourself, and for the world is to be happy,” and scoffed. Focusing on my own happiness would have felt so selfish to me then. But now I realize it’s not about being happy for my own sake, it’s about being happy so I can give more!

I think that’s why the gods gifted us art. They knew music, dance, art, and poetry would lift our spirits and raise our energy. They knew when we laugh and sing, dance and hug, our joy attracts more joy. They knew life was hard, and it wasn’t possible to be happy all the time, but even in our grief, we’d find solace in shared expression. That’s why we giggle when someone tells a funny story at a funeral or rock someone in our arms and hum to them when they’re feeling low. Light, love, joy, kindness, generosity, care, empathy is always with us, even when we are most down. Even in our darkest moments, art, expression, and connection hold us up.

I’ve always insisted I love my work, but that hasn’t always been true. Often I’ve done things that did not make me happy because I felt I should. I’m done with that. I’m putting my faith in knowing I’m at my best not when I’m doing something because I feel I’m supposed to, but because I truly want to.

My business coach, Dana Stovern, says the universe can’t hear you when you say, “should, could, would, supposed to.” It only hears you when you say, “I am,” because when you say, “I am,” you’re making a declaration not just about what you want, but who you are, and the universe takes note and starts to rearrange itself to support you. In reflection, I’ve thought of several times in my life when this was true. When I said, “I am going to” or “I will,” and my life and finances shuffled around in mysterious ways to make those things possible.

So, as I approach the release of a new book and a series of new projects, I’m committing to launching them in ways that feel good to me, ways that bring me contentment and joy, ways that fill me with excitement and energy, in the belief that then I’ll do better work that serves others. I’m pursing happiness with no apologies. I’m going to become that person the old me would have looked at sideways. Are you with me?

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